Midnight Glory Creations

Here are some of my past and current creations – some of these have long since gone to new homes, and others are still available on my Etsy store>


Latest Creations

Unique handmade quilt with music themed fabric in strips of various widths.

Quilt for the Bar Mitzvah Boy

April 30, 2017

Music and Soccer for the Bar Mitzvah boy Ok, this one was a challenge. My nephew (well, technically first cousin once removed, but really, that takes too long to say) reached his Bar Mitzvah celebration and I wanted to make him a quilt. As he lives in a different county I have not had the …

Finished top of a unique handmade Woven Squares quilt, made of various Asian fabrics and green and black strips

Woven Squares Surprise Quilt

April 25, 2017

A few months ago a friend asked me to make a quilt for her husband, as a surprise. The husband, who’s also a friend had told me several times how much he likes my quilts, and how much he wants one. I’d made a quilt for their son a few years previously (I’ll write a …

Two Scrappy handmade Baby Quilts

April 4, 2017

A few years ago I made a quilt for my friend Ky, in anticipation of the birth of her first child, a son. They’ve used it and loved it since he was born and then, a few years later I got a chance to make her family another baby quilt; this time for her daughter. …

Unique handmade baby I-Spy quilt

Niko The Spy-An I spy quilt

April 20, 2016

A year ago I made this quilt as a gift for the new-born son of a friend. The mama (my friend) likes dinosaurs. The dad likes cars. And now Niko is turning one, and it’s time for another quilt. When I make a toddler quilt, I often find myself drawn to “I-Spy” quilts. These are …

Set of four Unique handmade fabric dolls using Ghastlies fabric

Playing with dolls, Ghastlie style

March 28, 2016

I haven’t played with dolls in a long time, since my children were little, but when I saw this fabric, I knew it was time to play. “The Ghastlies” are a family, created by Alexander Henry, who has a whole line of Ghastlie fabrics. I’ve used a different fabric before, seen here in a zippered …

Unique handmade baby quilt using dinosaur fabric with blue, purple and green fabrics

New baby quilt

March 26, 2016

A good friend of mine had a baby this winter, and I wanted to make a quilt for him. Being busy that month, I wanted a relatively quick pattern, but one that had color, and some complexity to it. A tall order? Not when I have so many books with patterns, which I like to …

Past Creations

Unique handmade quilt in shades of coral and turquoise


Handmade full-sized, baby quilts, and wall hangings


Unique handmade zippered clutch with multiple zippererd pockets with spiderweb fabric


Small bags perfect for travel, purse inserts, or a night out


Unique hand made red and black fabric strips throw pillow.


Pillows, dolls, and other soft creations