Midnight glory FAQ

Who makes your quilts, bags, and accessories?
All of the quilts, bags, and accessories are made by me, Tamar Baskind

Where are the quilts, bags, and accessories made?
I design and make my creations in my home studio in the San Francisco Bay Area, in California. My studio is smoke-and pet-free, and filled with fabric and my love of sewing.

What materials do you use?
I use many different kinds of materials. The fabrics I use are almost always 100% cotton (unless I am making a piece from fleece). I mostly use cotton batting as well, though some of the accessories have a different kind of batting, for example to create a slightly stiffer inside for a bag. Some of the accessories have poly-fill stuffing.

Where can I buy one of your quilts, bags or accessories?
All of my already-made quilts, bags or accessories are available on my Etsy shop>

I am also happy to work with people directly to create a custom-made piece to your specifications.

How do I go about getting my dream custom quilt made?
If you’d like to discuss a custom-made quilt, please go here: Custom Orders>

What are your fees for custom orders?
When working on a custom-ordered creation, my fees are $30 per each hour of work, plus the material I need to buy to create your piece. I am happy to give estimates based on the size and complexity of your request.

How long have you been making quilts?
I have been making quilts since 1999, when I made my first wall hanging quilt to adorn the nursery of my first child.

Are your quilts, bags, and accessories washable?
Yes! My quilts and bags are machine washable, and so are many of my accessories. Pillows and dolls can be a bit tricky to machine wash, but if you wash other pillows and fabric dolls, you can wash the ones I make. I recommend using cool temperature, as you would with any bold colors.

Can they be machine-dried?
Yes! The quilts and bags can all be machine-dried, using a low, or gentle setting. However, I would recommend letting accessories such as pillows and dolls air dry accessories such as pillows and dolls, as those can have synthetic filling.

How do I know what size quilt I need?
There are many ways to size a quilt. Here’s what I recommend first considering the purpose of the quilt. Will it hang on the wall? Or is it a comfy-on-the-couch quilt? Is it a bed quilt, and if so, for what size bed?

Wall quilts can be any size you want, and throw quilts for the couch, etc. are usually 60” square or so.

As for bed quilts, here are some guidelines:

These are standard mattress sizes, though crib mattress size varies.

26″ X 48″ 39″ X 75″ 54″ X 75″ 60″ X 80″ 78″ X 80″ 72″ X 84″

When calculating a quilt, consider I consider how much I want it to drape over the sides, and add the inches to the calculation. I also consider whether the quilt is for one person or for sharing. If it’s for sharing I add more to the width of the quilt.

Finally, I am always available to help you figure out the size we need. Contact me for specific inquiries: Email me>